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The Reluctant Messenger: Tales from Beyond Belief  | Candice M. Sanderson

“A must-read book that highlights the author’s spiritual journey into the unknown. It is uplifting, inspiring, and transformative.” ~ Rajiv Parti, M.D., author of Dying to Wake Up, NDE expert, consultant in Consciousness Based Healing


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“I am fascinated with the detailed messages that you have received from your celestial team of advisors. This is a captivating account of expanding awareness including gems of spiritual wisdom, messages from her celestial mentors and in her words…'uncanny shards of knowledge’.” ~ William Buhlman, author of Adventures Beyond the Body,  Amazon #1 Best Seller

“This extraordinary book, filled with wisdom, is the result of a revolution that took place in author Candice Sanderson’s life. She was an ordinary person who, by being open and accepting, allowed messages from another realm to come through to her. She courageously faced her own doubt, fear, and judgment as she was shown truths about creation, time, and other profound topics. This is a book for people who seek answers to the nature of our existence. This is a book that needs to be savored, not just read.” ~ Roberta Moore, Producer of Spiritual Films

"Candice Sanderson takes us on a journey that in times past was reserved only for initiates laboring in the secret confines of mystery schools. But this book demonstrates that what was once available only to a select few, is now happening spontaneously to ordinary (and sometimes reluctant) people. It is a harbinger of things to come. If you want an advance glimpse into the next stage of human evolution, read this book!" ~ Paul Rademacher, former Executive Director of The Monroe Institute and author of A Spiritual Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe

“Candice Sanderson opens a doorway for us all to a profound spiritual dimension where verifiable information and answers abound. Follow Candice’s steps beyond the threshold of the rational mind to receive powerful messages that eagerly await you!” ~ Medical Intuitive John Kortum, author of The Kortum Technique

"In the spirit of Carl Jung's Red Book and Philip K. Dick's Exegesis, Candice Sanderson recounts her inner experiences and thoughts in an easy-going narrative that gradually moves readers beyond physical reality. The Reluctant Messenger outlines the progression of her spiritual development, from an initial apprehension of the unknown to the cultivation of an openness that leads her to becoming a "messenger" heralding the raising of human consciousness. Her book also introduces and explains concepts such as the nature of vibration and energy and how time is perceived. Her most touching description though is being shown how to acknowledge the spiritual life within a plant before cutting one of its flowers. The Reluctant Messenger is an interesting read and one with the ability to teach its readers new things about the world in which we live." ~ Mark Hunter Brooks, author of Christianity from a Different Perspective

"An unlikely messenger stumbles across a vast expanse of enlightenment when a singular message of insight and intrigue drops into her mind, literally out of the blue, on the way to her day job as a psychologist. Her traditional training in conventional psycho-analytics did not prepare her for the turn of events that would suddenly alter her life and understanding of all-that-is, forever. She hadn’t asked for it, didn’t seek it and certainly wasn’t expecting it, but she was compelled to explore the ever-stranger turn of psychic events that were happening to her seemingly of their own volition. Intrigued by a voice she knew was not hers, delivering a message of wisdom she knew she could not have made up, Candice Sanderson made a decision to pick up the thread and follow it. Little did she know that following that thread would lead her into immense regions of universal consciousness imparting wisdom – wisdom that would not only impact her but also transform those around her – and reveal astounding knowledge. With an easy narrative that is right away invitational and informative, Sanderson, with the help of her Guides, parts the veil of existential mysteries and reveals them as practical, down-to-earth truths. Reading The Reluctant Messenger sheds light on the mystery and weirdness of why we exist in the first place. This book is instantly approachable and ultimately satisfying as an exposé of what it means to be human on this planet at this time, in this age." ~ Laurin Bellg, M.D., author of Near Death in the ICU, Amazon #1 Best Seller

"The Reluctant Messenger is a gift from a spiritual dimension. You will not find this unique perspective elsewhere. As I process passages from each chapter, I notice that references are beginning to weave into my life, and I can really feel my creativity igniting, visually like a quiet steady sparkler from July 4th. Reading this book could be the bridge to your expanded consciousness!” ~ Gayle Santone, Tampa, FL

“Incredible! Candie Sanderson's book, The Reluctant Messenger, is a fascinating exploration into spiritual realms.” ~ Maria Ashmore, Psychologist

“Be prepared for a complete and radical change in the way you view reality.” ~ Allyn Evans, author of Live a Powerful Life, Guest Trainer at The Monroe Institute, Founder of Energy Medicine Squared


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"The Reluctant Messenger is a poignant and brave recounting of Candice Sanderson's unexpected intuitive awakening. As these extraordinary senses begin to emerge in ordinary people, a book like this becomes an invaluable guide and source of confirmation to everyday people.” 

Rev. Renee Bledsoe, Humanity: The New Messiah (coming 2019)