amethyst biomat

Negative Ions + Far Infrared Rays + Amethyst Crystals

Utilizing Far Infrared Rays, the conductive power of amethyst crystals and the generation of negative ions, the Amethyst BioMat, which is an FDA approved Durable Medical Device, delivers a 1-2-3 punch in the quest for pain relief, relaxation and well-being. This highly effective therapy is based on Nobel prize-winning scientific research pioneered by NASA and developed using pure, natural materials.


About the Amethyst BioMat

Because the BioMat’s far infrared rays penetrate deeply into the body and address imbalances at the cellular level, it can be used to affect a wide range of health issues. Far infrared rays are part of the electromagnetic light spectrum and are close to the light frequency of natural sunlight. However, far infrared does not contain any of sunlight’s harmful UV/UVB radiation.

More recent studies show that far infrared light stimulates the production of healthy cell tissue, which can promote faster, more complete healing processes. Far infrared therapy also encourages the elimination of cellular wastes and toxins.

The amethyst crystals on the surface of the BioMat are able to deliver high frequency and powerful far infrared light waves. Korean researchers suggest that the use of amethyst increases the body's utilization of the light. The rays passed through amethyst changes its spectrum and organizes them into geometrical patterns, giving it a higher bio availability.

The US FDA’s Medical Device 510K indications for use are as follows:

  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Increase of local circulation where applied
  • Temporary relief of:
    Minor muscle pain
    Minor joint pain and stiffness
    Joint pain associated with arthritis
    Muscle spasms
    Minor sprains
    Minor strains
    Minor muscular back pain
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Soothes and relaxes
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improves sleep (if associated with pain relief)
  • Reduced inflammation (where applied)
  • Increased tissue oxygen (due to increased circulation where applied)
  • Provides such muscle relaxation that you may sleep better if you experienced occasional difficulty sleeping.
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